Model Alpha 420 Nema

The first ALPHA one-line LED displays was manufactured in 1980. The ALPHA Series one-line displays are high quality LED message centers designed for comercial, industrial and office use. They can quickly post large amounts of information in 8 different colors and 3 rainbow effects in 2,3,or 4 characters. Adaptive displays are among the brightest and sharpest indoor displays available.

Alpha 420 Nema
Case Dimensions:
( With power supply )
71.9"L x 5.6"D x 7.8"H
(182.7 cmL x 14.2 cmD x 19.9 cmH )
Approximate Weight : 36.5 lbs. ( 16.6 kg. )
Display Dimensions : 68.1"L x 4"H
( 173.2 cm L x 10.2 cm H )
Display Array 120x7 pixels
Characters Displayed
Display Memory 28,000

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