Smart Alec INTELLIGENT MESSAGING SOFTWARE Client/server messaging system to acquire, manage and distribute critifical information. Multi-user, Event Manager and associated delivery mechanisms. Remote administration capability. O/S data is in an ODBC compliant database. Systeme Requirements: Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 workstation, Pentium 120 MHZ or better. 800x600 monitor set-up, 64 Meg Ram. Interface to Data Source Imput methods: DDE and TPC/IP Sockets Interface Connect to outside data source, allows embedded data in messages or trigger evaluations of rules. Accepts data from multiple outside data source simultaneously. Monitors variables and updates messages on ALPHA Electronic Display or any sopported device as needed.

Adaptive’s AlphaNet plus is a flexible software program that provides you with the tools needed to create, revise and edit text and graphics to be posted on standard ALPHA electronic message displays. The program includes a Message Editor, Site Editor, and Message Emulator to help you create multiple messages such as: motivational, preventative safety, human resource updated or deadlines, birthdays, welcoming customers, or to achnowledge a job “well done“. BMP files can be created and edited with Paint programs and used as sign graphics or animations. For versatility and message enhancement, we’ve included a unique counter feature to post minutes, hours and days. AlphaNet plus is compatible with multiple operation systems and has the ability to send messages to either an individual sign or groups of signs.

Program your ALPHA electronic message display from your desktop PC. ALPHA Messaging software comes complete with everything you’ll need to get your message moving in the right direction. Program your message with the touche of a button. Adjust your messages in a moments notice. ALPHA Messaging software connects with Adaptive’s ALPHA electronic display. It’s easy to use and install. You can welcome guests, post events and keep your trafic flowing in the right direction. Make your communication more efficient and effective.

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